LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary Welcomes Volunteer Help!

Examples of volunteering:

  • Poop needs scooping
  • Cleaning food & water bows
  • Cleaning dog pens/beds/stalls/kennels
  • Sweeping down cob webs, washing windows
  • Taking dogs for long walks.
  • Driving chores: drop off or pick up of animals at local airports or assisting with vet visits
  • Do you enjoy grooming? How about bathing, clipping nails, and cleaning ears.
  • Are you a “jack of all trades”? You can help at building fences or doing odd maintenance jobs.
  • Want to bring treats? Sure! We love treats! But please no rawhides or “greenies”. Our dogs love doggie cookies and our other animals love carrots, apples, even sugar cubes.

LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary is located on the Whispering Spirit Ranch, a working ranch in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. So if you want to volunteer, you need to think like a mountaineer and dress in appropriate work clothing and sturdy work or rubber boots (no sandals). When it rains, it’s muddy! When summer is here, it’s hot and steamy (in fact, the area is classified as a mini rain forest so be ready for an unexpected cloud burst). Our winters can be cold, damp and windy. Bring a wind breaker, jacket, rain jacket, gloves…and don’t forget a hat. Also remember to bring bottled water, snacks, lunch, etc. (we’re 17miles south of Greeneville food/restaurants).

  • If you’re not the kind of volunteer that likes to get their hands dirty, we could still use some help manning our booth at local events and in planning and promoting our fundraisers, such as “Boots, Barns and Barks” tour; “Founder’s Day”; “Bluegrass, BBQ and Barks” barn dance…or any ideas you might have.

Come visit and volunteer. Any help is appreciated!