DSC_8468I‘m Ziggy but my friends call me “Zig”.  I came from a loving foster home to live life here at the LoveHandlers Ranch.  I’m a Jack Russel Terrier mix, and play I must.  I’m deaf and that doesn’t stop me from saying my piece or from playing and loving everything about life.  I have friends here and I get along great with all of them.  I’m a tease though.  I enjoy taking toys right out from under the blind dogs noses and running with them.  They always have this funny look on their faces of “Where did my toy go, it was just here?”  The best part of living here at the ranch are the people.  I love people.  I’m crate trained, and house broke and have never made a mess where I wasn’t suppose to, ever.  In the evenings and on some special days like Christmas and New Years I get to join the humans in their house.  I lay around on carpets, sleep in their office, and play with the huge basket of toys they have for their little designer house dogs.  I think they’re designer as they aren’t rough and tough like me.

Life hasn’t always been this full of love.  I was on death row in animal control.  I was within seventy two hours of meeting my maker.  A wonderful lady came through one day and looked at me and said how cute I was but didn’t adopt me.  The final day and the moment came.  A man arrived in front of my cage and took hold of me in his arms and set me down on a cold table.  I gulped as this was it.  I wasn’t going to live anymore.  I wasn’t ever going to have a warm home or family to play chase with or go for walks or get treats.  I was about to die from lethal injection!  I had to show this man my inner power…the Power of Ziggy the Magnificent Jack Russell.  Jacks weren’t meant to die from the absence of love.  We were meant to play, run and love people!  The man walked over to me and it was now all or nothing.

I wagged my stubby tail hard and used my powerful eyes to look deep into his.  I wanted him to see my smile, to see that my life that deserved a chance.  I wanted to live.  I wanted to be happy.  I wanted a family.  He drew closer and said “This isn’t going to hurt a bit lid’l buddy.”  I stared harder and deeper into his eyes.  I had to show him that I’m Zig!  He drew close took my neck and put the needle down and patted me; I never broke the eye contact or stopped my tail from wagging.  I had to win somehow.  He looked at my face.  I have the most beautiful face; I can be adored from close up or from afar (I know this because I’ve seen myself in the mirror).  He ruffled my hair and looked at my face, my eyes never looking away from his.  Time stood still until finally he said in a rough voice, “Ahhhhh, I can’t do this you mutt.  What is it about you?  I’ll put you back into a kennel and give you a few more days in hopes somebody will adopt you.  But only a few days!  Hear?”  I won, I won!  I wagged my tail like it would disconnect and fall off.  I won!  With a swoop I was lifted off the cold table and back into a kennel.  I managed to get a few licks on the man’s face to show my gratitude. Ziggy Wanted

Another twelve days passed and the man came again and said “Sorry buddy but you’ve had a better chance than most.”  I was taken to the back and placed in a smaller kennel.  The room was sterile. I knew my minutes were counting down.  I laid down, my hopes were fading.  The door opened and there stood the lady from a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t hear her but a spark of hope fluttered back into my heart.  They were smiling and looking my way.  The man motioned a wave in my direction.  The lady walked over and pulled me up and put a leash on me.  Could this be?  I barked with excitement. Yes, I had been adopted, at least to foster care, but it was better than my chances on death row.

From foster care I was adopted into a family.  Only life wasn’t good.  They were kind of mean, they would hit me and scold me for not listening to them.  But I really tried my best to pay attention…but I couldn’t always be looking at them.  I only lasted a few weeks and once again the nice lady who saved me was at the door and took me away (but with love and pats).  At the vet she learned of my disability….deafness.  The Zig’a’roo was a deaf dog.  I went back into foster care and comfort.  Everybody was so nice and I was glad to be back.  I leaned hand signals that are called sign language.  A few months passed and my human friend let me know I was being moved to LoveHandlers.  What was a LoveHandler? I thought.  There I met this great guy and more friends.  I went for walks.  I taught my human friend that I don’t like leashes but that I would stay right by his side when out walking in the woods.  I met other dog friends and humans.  I love it here.  I love to be loved and get walks, cookies, good food.  The best thing is when I get invited up to the main house for the day or evenings till the human does his walk around bed checks.  He even gave me a special lighted collar so I can walk beside him in the dark and not be afraid.  This is fun and I’m so happy…I’m Zig’tackular!!! Now I’m always home and never astray.