Keep On Rollin’ Angie!


Angie is an angel on wheels at LoveHandlers.  Found in a barn, after being hit by a car, she was near death. Through the loving attention of caring folks she received medical treatment for her immediate health problems.  LoveHandlers was then contacted for her continued care.  We supplied a used doggie wheelchair that had been donated to us.   We reconfigured her wheels (it was originally designed for a basset hound), fitted her in it, and she was off and rolling!  With a friendly nature and a tail that still give a slight wag, she is a sweet soul who is a very special addition to the LoveHandlers family.  She is available for adoption to a companion that will understand and work with her special needs.  There’s a lot of love that comes rolling your way with Angie.

UPDATE: Well, miracles happen, and Angie has started to stand and walk (wobble) her way around in small steps.  We are so hopeful that her one back leg will regain enough strength and ability so that she can roam with her canine pals without needing wheels.  Either way, she is best thing going! IMG_8019