Special Needs Dogs at LoveHandlers

Although LoveHandlers enjoys rescuing and adopting out healthy dog across North America, we are committed to the care, housing and re-homing (when possible) of differently-abled dogs that have become such an important part of our sanctuary.  They are our inspiration every day.  Donations are always welcomed on their behalf.

Roman (Deaf)

Roman (Deaf)

Petey (deaf)

Petey (deaf)

Whiskey (blind)

Whiskey (blind)

Mickey (Blind)

Mickey (Blind)

Wally deaf)

Wally (deaf)

Denver (blind eye)

Aeiress (leg defect)

Happy (senior)

Grandpa (senior)

Chicka (feral)

Shadagee (senior/overbred)





Ziggy (Deaf)



Angie (crippled)

Carly (3 legged)

LaRue (senior)

Rollie (blind)

Lucky (senior)

Mookie (blind)

Carter Joe (blind)


Little John (blind)