Happy Times are Here Again!

Ms Happy

It was a cold and stormy night. Thunder claps were surrounding us.  The dogs were frantic and raced to their kennels for cover.  A flash of lightening revealed an unknown visitor outside the gates. Wow…sounds like the opening of a cheesy mystery novel, doesn’t it?

All of the above it true.  The visitor turned out to be a sweet senior hound mix  who had been abandoned at our sanctuary.  We REALLY frown on dogs being abandoned on our remote property, but the storm was so terrifying and this frightened soul was trying so hard to get through the wire fencing just be safe in our LoveHandler’s facilty that we welcomed her.

Her smile is constant and so is the wag of her tail.  We were going to name her “Stormy”, but her sunny disposition won us over and she now goes by “Happy”.  If you fancy a sweet senior, this is one happy dog.