Blind Devotion – Tucker


Say hello to Tucker.  What a face!

He arrived at LoveHandlers with three other brindle colored puppy littermates – a breed we referred to as  “Boston Boxers” (that’s a terrier/boxer mix not an undergarment).  However, Tucker had a slightly different uniqueness about him…he’s blind.

LoveHandlers got the call because of his condition. Upon meeting him he was the first in the group to greet us.  Instantly tugging at our heartstrings, we scooped him up and were drowned in licks and kisses!  He’s funny, super smart and because he was born blind he’s never known different.  With a fun, playful personality this love bug was sadly discarded in a night deposit box.

With unique markings and a wagging tail, Tucker wants nothing more than to curl up into a warm loving lap and be made a fuss over.  He will likely

grow to be a medium sized dog and a guaranteed cuddler.

Rescuing a blind puppy can be an amazing addition to your life.  Usually, no special care is needed except to avoid rearranging the furniture too often!

We appreciate and salute the family that recently adopted Tucker.