Meet the Special Residents in our Care!

A Striking Stryker

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


This little fella arrived at LoveHandlers at just 5 weeks old.  At the time it was thought that he did not have use of his back legs. However, we observed that they just needed to be strengthen so we taped the bag legs up so that he could move around and build up the muscles in his hind quarters.  Within a week he was perfectly normal.  He is a bundle of playfulness and cuddles.  A German Shepherd mix, he is a healthy, very adoptable dog who would make a great addition to any family.

IMPORTANT NOTE: LoveHandlers does not condone the removal of puppies from their mother before 8 weeks (preferably 12 weeks).  In Stryker’s case, his litter mates were adopted and he was discarded at animal control because of a misperception of the use of his back legs.  We’re glad this delightful dog was rescued.

Casper the Friendly Pit

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

IMG_0916This handsome fella is Casper.   He’s not scary…he’s Casper the friendly pit bull!  Casper is six months old and has a front leg deformity due to rickets.  He moves around on his front “flippers” and is having a fun time with the other dogs at LoveHandlers.  We are usually reluctant (and always cautious) about accepting pit bull breeds since we know so litle about our animals’ backgrounds.  However, given Casper’s condition, his young age, and his friendly personality…we are delighted to be greeted by his enthusiatic attempts to be a part of everything going on at LoveHandlers.  He is available for adoption to a very special, extra loving family.


KC and the Sunshine Clan

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

IMG_4001KC is a fun loving dog. He has slight nerve damage to his back leg that causes him to “skip” at times. He was abandoned after being hit by a vehicle. He is a young, healthy and a happy dog who enjoys being outside in the sun with the other dogs. A good looking medium-sized dog, he is very adoptable to a good family.  He loves to chase the ball, give licks, get petted and play with other dogs and our volunteers.  We know he will be a happy addition to a loving home.

Carly – Our Special Concern

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

IMG_0866Carly is a bittersweet rescue at LoveHandlers.  She is malnourished, has a few digestive concerns, is non-responsive to human or other canine attention and has permanent nerve damage to her front leg causing it to dangle and drag when she walks.  She is, however, very sweet natured, has a beautiful shiny black coat and a gorgeous (if sometimes sad looking) face.  She is a border collie mix who was injured and has been on her own in the woods for quite a while.  There is such potential for an amazing dog with her and we will muster all the resources and love we can to bring that joyful spirit back to this beautiful creature.

UPDATE: Carly is recovering nicely from her digestive issues (parasites) and is eating well.  In a few weeks she will be well enough to undergo surgery to remove her front leg which has permanent nerve damage from the shoulder down (hit by a car most likely).  She is becoming a very happy, playful dog…but still a bit shy at times.  The leg needs to be amputated to avoid infection from wounds caused by dragging the unused leg.  The surgery (and after care) will cost $350+.  LoveHandlers is hoping for a “special heart” who will help sponsor this important medical procedure.  Her prognosis is very good for a healthy recovery as she is already used to hobbling around on three good legs.  We’ll keep you posted.

IMG_3010UPDATE#2: With the arrival of dedicated funds from a “Special Heart” contributor she was able to have a successful operation to remove the troubled leg.  Because she had been dealing with the useless leg for so long, she had no problem adjusting to her three legged situation and hops around our “Canine Corral” playing with the other dogs and greeting volunteers enthusiastically.

A Proud Piglet

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


Give a whistle for “Winslow James” — our first ever minature potbellied piglet.  Arriving at LoveHandlers at just ten weeks and four pounds, he is quickly becoming an entertaining character among the dogs at the main house.  He and our Chihuahua Tia have become fast friends.  We hope he remains small (he loves to eat!) as our four pound Chihuahua won’t be getting any bigger. We’re learning a lot, and laughing a lot, with our new pig.  Snort!  Snort!IMG_0874

Chihuahua TiaMariaBonitaConchita gives Piglet Winslow James a foot massage!

Chihuahua TiaMariaBonitaConchita gives Piglet Winslow James a foot massage!

A Navajo Beauty

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

IMG_0864Navajo is a full blooded Australian Cattle dog who is completely blind.  She is a strikingly beautiful dog with an easy going friendliness about her.  She is a delight to be around and is very haIMG_0865ppy and calm despite her lack of vision.  Discarded by her owner after her blindness set in, she is a people pleaser.  We would love to place her in a home where she could enjoy a fenced area with lots of love and care by her human companions.  She is a very special younger dog with special needs.

Little Tree – A Big Hearted Horse

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

IMG_0863Little Tree is truly a black beauty!  A Morgan breed horse, he is just 13 hands high and loves to give trail rides to children.  He has “moon blindness” (uveitis) in one eye andit may3k23p13l05T45P05Rba348f284864e1f61947 be spreading to his other (we’re keeping close watch).  He is such a wondeful sight to see in our fenced pasture area.  We hope to open up three more pasture areas as soon a donations come in to help with this large project.  A very people and pet friendly horse, Little Tree is a noble addition to LoveHandlers Animal Sanctuary.

Little tree in LoveHandlers Pasture

Little Tree in LoveHandlers Pasture

She’s Got Zuni Eyes!

Friday, February 19th, 2010
Zuni face


Our newest arrival is Zuni.  An Alaskan Malamute mix, sweet Zuni has the most striking blue eyes.  Rescued from being chained outside a home where the owner was unable to care for her anymore she is a happy and healthy dog who just loves to be around people.  She is just over 2 years and 60 pounds.  With no disability that fits within LoveHandler’s mission, we hope she will find a loving home soon.  We never get tired of looking into those bright blue eyes of hers while she greets you with an constant wag of her tail. Zuni is a delight among the other residents in our animal community.