Meet the Special Residents in our Care!

Special Needs Dogs at LoveHandlers

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Although LoveHandlers enjoys rescuing and adopting out healthy dog across North America, we are committed to the care, housing and re-homing (when possible) of differently-abled dogs that have become such an important part of our sanctuary.  They are our inspiration every day.  Donations are always welcomed on their behalf.

Roman (Deaf)

Roman (Deaf)

Petey (deaf)

Petey (deaf)

Whiskey (blind)

Whiskey (blind)

Mickey (Blind)

Mickey (Blind)

Wally deaf)

Wally (deaf)

Denver (blind eye)

Aeiress (leg defect)

Happy (senior)

Grandpa (senior)

Chicka (feral)

Shadagee (senior/overbred)





Ziggy (Deaf)



Angie (crippled)

Carly (3 legged)

LaRue (senior)

Rollie (blind)

Lucky (senior)

Mookie (blind)

Carter Joe (blind)


Little John (blind)

Waggin’ Tails – Soto

Monday, December 8th, 2014


Hi LoveHandlers!

I hope donation this will help you continue your work. Soto now weighs a whole 6.63 lbs. and is a bundle of joy and mischief. I cry when I think how near he came to being dead. Thank you for “seeing” how much that little “blind” guy had to offer. Merry Christmas!

Waggin Tails – Palo (blind)

Thursday, November 20th, 2014


Hi LoveHandlers!

Check this out! Just took a little time but Palo is now chilling with a puss! We used to have to keep a leash on him at night because he would go berserk every time the cat moved.

Waggin Tails – Rollie the blind Labrador

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Rollie just came bounding out of the transport in CT, and zigzagged us all across the parking lot till we got her to a grass verge, where she took the longest pee I have ever seen a dog take! guess she was holding it in.  She was, amazingly enough, eager to get in the car and settled down right away (well, some tasty dog cookies helped!).  Lots of wet slobbery kisses over my shoulder on the way home.   Only took her a short time to figure out what  “Step!” means, and she is quite accustomed to the different level between the breezeway and kitchen.  I wanted her to sleep next to the bed at night but the stairs up were a bit of a challenge – lots of little treats as encouragement.  Once at the top, the baby gate goes up, and she scoped out upstairs just fine.  Now, two days later, I’m amazed at how she now manages the stairs so well already – but I don’t let her tackle them alone, neither up nor most especially down.  I got her a big squashy orthopedic dog bed and I was worried that since it requires a step up (it’s about 5″ thick) she might not go for it, but she really likes it I’m glad to say.  She slept by my side of the bed all night (as far as I know, of course – but I did get up once in the night myself, but although she woke, she didn’t get up and so wasn’t disturbed).  We have a waterbed, so the sides go right down to the floor, so there’s no draft from under the bed and it’s nice and snug.  There’s a large bowl of fresh water in the bathroom and she knows where that is.  Our sitting room is upstairs, too, so after supper she comes upstairs and I pull her bed out in the main room so she can be comfy and can hear us nearby.

She’s been for a LOT of walks – some long,some short, she is thrilled to go out and smell all the smells.  I have one of those retractable dog leashes – somewhere! I put it away somewhere clever after our last old dog was unable to walk anywhere,and now of course I can’t find it – but I will eventually.  I was thinking it would be ideal for me to take Rollie down the road to the elementary school where they have a large field and I could let her run around in huge circles if she wanted and burn off energy, but still be tethered for safety.  So I just have to figure out where I hid the leash…. We went down there this morning and and had the place all to ourselves.

She isn’t eating much yet, perhaps she doesn’t like the food I got for her, but it’s the kind my old dog used to like – Purina for adults.  I put what I thought would be nice treats in with her breakfast (chopped carrots and green beans) but I guess she’s not a vegetable lover.  Well, perhaps she’s still getting over the long journey, I’m sure it must have played havoc with her system,despite her bounding energy.

We have three cats and they are well accustomed to having a big old dog around – but Rainy (our last beloved) was pretty sedentary as she had serious trouble with her hind-quarters.  Winkie (one of the cats) used to sleep curled up with her on her mat by my bed at night.  After a while she may do the same with Rollie.

This afternoon I needed to clear away last year’s old flower stalks and old leaves that I didn’t take care of in the fall in the flower bed out front.  The front is not fenced.  I thought Rollie would like to come and sit out on the lawn with me, so I plunged a garden fork into the grass and slipped the loop of her leash over the handle as a tether.  NOT a good idea – she was so excited she bounced all over the place and hit her face unwittingly on the tall handle.  I should have thought of that, silly me.  So instead I took her for a walk around the neighborhood, then let her rest indoors while I did some gardening.  When I came back inside, I had some sewing work to do (I also take in alterations for people at work), so she lay on the floor next to me and was content to be close.

She is responding well to my requests for her to “Sit” followed by a little tiny treat – I keep a pocketful so they are handy.  But when it comes time to go out side for a walk, nothing can contain her exuberance!  I prefer not to walk dogs with the leash attached to the collar, I like to use a harness and clip the leash to that.  WELL.  As soon as she knows I have the harness in my hand, she knows that means a walk, and it’s all I can do to get it buckled up!  .  As I write, she is sacked out on her bed behind me.

She has the thickest, glossiest coat I have ever seen on a dog,it’s beautiful.  And I love her white muzzle.  I got her toy with a grunt noise if you squeeze it (it’s a hedgehog) but while she likes to pick it up, it doesn’t grunt as the grunt part is in the wrong spot.  I’ve got to find a toy with a rattle inside so that just nosing it about will make noise.

I’m taking half-days next week to ease her into being home when I’m not.  I’ll take her out for a long walk each morning so she’s happy to snooze in the afternoon until I get home.   After this week, I’m hoping the early morning walks will hold her over until the afternoon.  If I find she’s not happy with this, I can come home at lunchtime for a quick five minute walk around the block, I’ll have to see how she settles in.

When we were on our first long walk, I came across someone I know who was out for a walk herself.  I explained Rollie was blind,and she looked at me aghast, and said, “What are you going to do with a BLIND dog???” I suppose that’s going to be the reaction of many.  I told her she was going to go on walks with me, and live with us as part of the family.  She seemed stunned by this.  As my husband John said when I told him this, well, blind dogs have to live somewhere, don’t they?

I’m sure LoveHandlers must miss her dreadfully – but how lucky for the 3-legged German Shepherd for whom space at LoveHandlers came available now that Rollie has a new home.  Best wishes to all at LoveHandlers; we are thrilled to have Rollie be part of our family.

Happy Times are Here Again!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Ms Happy

It was a cold and stormy night. Thunder claps were surrounding us.  The dogs were frantic and raced to their kennels for cover.  A flash of lightening revealed an unknown visitor outside the gates. Wow…sounds like the opening of a cheesy mystery novel, doesn’t it?

All of the above it true.  The visitor turned out to be a sweet senior hound mix  who had been abandoned at our sanctuary.  We REALLY frown on dogs being abandoned on our remote property, but the storm was so terrifying and this frightened soul was trying so hard to get through the wire fencing just be safe in our LoveHandler’s facilty that we welcomed her.

Her smile is constant and so is the wag of her tail.  We were going to name her “Stormy”, but her sunny disposition won us over and she now goes by “Happy”.  If you fancy a sweet senior, this is one happy dog.

Blind Devotion – Tucker

Monday, May 9th, 2011


Say hello to Tucker.  What a face!

He arrived at LoveHandlers with three other brindle colored puppy littermates – a breed we referred to as  “Boston Boxers” (that’s a terrier/boxer mix not an undergarment).  However, Tucker had a slightly different uniqueness about him…he’s blind.

LoveHandlers got the call because of his condition. Upon meeting him he was the first in the group to greet us.  Instantly tugging at our heartstrings, we scooped him up and were drowned in licks and kisses!  He’s funny, super smart and because he was born blind he’s never known different.  With a fun, playful personality this love bug was sadly discarded in a night deposit box.

With unique markings and a wagging tail, Tucker wants nothing more than to curl up into a warm loving lap and be made a fuss over.  He will likely

grow to be a medium sized dog and a guaranteed cuddler.

Rescuing a blind puppy can be an amazing addition to your life.  Usually, no special care is needed except to avoid rearranging the furniture too often!

We appreciate and salute the family that recently adopted Tucker.

Keep On Rollin’ Angie!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Angie is an angel on wheels at LoveHandlers.  Found in a barn, after being hit by a car, she was near death. Through the loving attention of caring folks she received medical treatment for her immediate health problems.  LoveHandlers was then contacted for her continued care.  We supplied a used doggie wheelchair that had been donated to us.   We reconfigured her wheels (it was originally designed for a basset hound), fitted her in it, and she was off and rolling!  With a friendly nature and a tail that still give a slight wag, she is a sweet soul who is a very special addition to the LoveHandlers family.  She is available for adoption to a companion that will understand and work with her special needs.  There’s a lot of love that comes rolling your way with Angie.

UPDATE: Well, miracles happen, and Angie has started to stand and walk (wobble) her way around in small steps.  We are so hopeful that her one back leg will regain enough strength and ability so that she can roam with her canine pals without needing wheels.  Either way, she is best thing going! IMG_8019

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010
Molly is a Brittany Spaniel mix.  She is, by far, one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever cared for at LoveHandlers.  When her original owner found out from the vet that Molly was blind, she said, “Oh, I’m having knee surgery and I don’t want a blind dog around”.  The vet contacted us and we were delighted to welcome her (altMolly cooling downhough we did not send a get well card to her previous owner).

Molly absolutely loves being in the water.  As the smaller picture shows, we are still helping her figure out that she should cool down in a doggie pool and not in one of the many drinking stations we have around.  She is such a calm, happy, sweet and friendly dog.  Other than her blindness, which doesn’t bother her, she has excellent health (we’re working to help her lose about ten pounds).  We would love for her to be adopted to a special family.  Let us know if you’re interested.