Adoptable Dogs at LoveHandlers

February 10th, 2017

We have now rescued and adopted out over 2000 dogs.  We are adapting our mission and are presently MOVING to a new locale; 2017 will be a year of transition with continued updates over the next few months.  We appreciate you and thank you for your continued support.

Our address is still our mail box (in town):


1113 Tusculum Blvd #109

Greeneville TN 37745.


Waggin’ Tails – Mandy

December 31st, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

Mandy is doing great!! Thank you so much for saving her precious life.

Waggin’ Tails – Mr. Jeffers

December 31st, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

We were lucky enough to meet Mr. Jeffers in February of 2016. He’s loving the snow up here. He’s still just as cuddly as he was when we first got him. Thank you for the matching us with such a sweet, cuddly boy.

Waggin’ Tails – Snowflake

December 31st, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

Happy New Year.  I took this picture of me and Snowflake Too on Dec. 10, her given birthday.  To me this is the day she arrived 5 years ago.  She is about 12-13 now.
 It is also the sweater you sent her in.  Then she was about 3 1\2 lbs.  Now she has maintained her weight between 4-4 1/2 lbs.  She gets moist food twice a day with dry little size food at will. ​ Last Thursday she had a dental at the vets and got a good report. No need for any teeth to come out.
  She is spoiled and does sleep with me, and on chilly nights she is right there snuggled up against me.  But can you tell me how a  4 1/2 lb dog can manage to take her spot right out of the middle?
  She does have a problem seeing, but nothing has been moved since she arrived and she knows where her food dish, water dish and her floor beds are.  One bed is next to the cook wood stove, and the other is in the living room, right next to the baseboard heat.  Though it sounds like it, there is no chance of being burnt at either location.
 Thank you for being her rescuer.

Waggin’ Tails – Lola

December 18th, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

Here’s a photo of Lola that I took yesterday. She occasionally climbs trees while squirrel chasing! She has many playmates- both human and canine- and is thriving!
Happy holidays.

Waggin’ Tails – Addy Sue

December 15th, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

Addy Sue is living the life up here in the North.  She thinks the other dogs up here bark with a funny accent.  Happy Holidays!

Waggin’ Tails – Matteo & Brody

December 14th, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

Both Matteo, toy fox terrier, and Brody, border collie mix, are doing very well.  The king of the house, the boxer, has welcomed them both into his home.  Matteo has finally accepted that he will have to share his family with Brody.  Brody loves cuddling with us but hasn’t yet realized that he isn’t tiny like Matteo.  Jealousy aside, all three dogs have been getting  along great.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  Thanks for the sweet boys!

Waggin’ Tails – Bene

December 13th, 2016

Hi LoveHandlers!

We adopted Bene in 2012 from you.  Love receiving your newsletter and all the happenings with the sanctuary. Keep up the good work.